Internet SEO Tips

In this article I’ll briefly go through the main things you need to concentrate on when doing internet SEO in no particular order.

First of all, when you’ve chosen the keywords you want to rank for, the first piece of SEO you should do is make a relevant title containing your keywords in the title tag. After you finish your title tag, add h1,h2 and h3 tags to your page for some further website SEO. These are basically small title tags and should be relevant and include keywords, h3 isn’t really necessary.

Next you want to 301 redirect your non-www. URL to the www. version, otherwise search engines will class the URLs as two different websites.

Another little internet SEO step is to add meta keyword and description tags to your page. Not an important step but search engines occasionally rip the meta description to use it in search results.

Link building is a also a very important factor in website SEO and you can linkbuild through quite a few methods. I recommend posting on niche related forums that allow dofollow sig links and also writing a few EzineArticles, link exchanges with high PageRank sites are also encouraged but keep that to a minimum.

The anchor text you use in your links should be the keywords you want to rank for, Google give an insane amount of weight to anchor text in links. Its recommended that you use a variation of around 5 different anchor texts so as not to look suspicious or spammy because gaining links naturally i.e. people adding a link to your site if they like it, won’t result in everyone choosing the same anchors so the aim is to look natural.